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My name is Anna Kazanmasheva and I'm a self-taught front-end developer. I am very creative and have a passion for making colorful, stylish web designs. Whether you want a simplystic, modern look or a more unique color combination I will give my best to recreate your vision.
Every website I create is with a responsive layout, suitable to fit any screen size. I also provide you with SEO optimization, so the search engines can find your website more easily.
Most of my completed projects as you will see in my portfolio are done as a freelancer for small businesses or organizations.
If you want to promote your bussiness or you want a personal webpage just send me an inquiry and lets make the perfect web identity for you.

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NAPTO assosiation

A website of a local patients' assosiation. They provide chronicly ill patients with the way of entering certain support programmes, help with documentations and many other services. The site gives you a way of either contacting them or becoming their member.


Auto repairs IMMO

A website for a car repairs business, located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. They specialize in repairing car computers of all kinds of makes and models. The website provides in-depth information about their services and gives you a direct contact with them via a button.


TV Repair Michigan

A website for TV repair services company located in the state of Michigan, USA. They provide in-home only tv repairs throughout the entire Metro Detroit area. The website gives you a way of calling them and making an appointment and shows you information of all their services.


Thesis project

A website project made at the end of my masters degree. It was developed to help people learn the basics of PHP. It consists of many php lessons and examples and has an interesting design. Showcases my attention to detail.


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